Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Update Email - 1st May 2012

Hello and Good Evening Ellis Army,

And what a blooming lovely evening it is here in Germany. 
The sun has shone all day, it has been warm and bright and the air has been full of bird song (and Ryanair flights!!!).

Today is a national holiday in Germany as it is May Day and everywhere was shut.....everywhere (except the Ryanair check-in desk it would seem!). With nothing much on my agenda I spent a huge chunk of it out in the sun, bird watching and soaking up some vitamin D while answering emails, texts and making some calls to the UK. 
Today was an ok day for me......until I saw my man.

It has been a GOOD day for my marvellous Husband.

Yesterday I talked of his lack of movement, lack of anything that the Doctors could use to their advantage in order to further diagnose/treat. Well, how it all changes in 24 hours. 
Tonight, at the reaction of my voice, Mr Ellis opened his eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
He didn't focus on me as he is still very sedated and I doubt he can focus properly yet anyway, but when he heard my voice he opened his beautiful blue eyes, there was a recognition there. Not necessarily for me but for the voice and I am very very happy. 
I am not ashamed to say that I left the critical care unit and had a bit of a sob.....I feel such relief inside me that he has finally opened his eyes.....oh how I have missed looking at his whole face rather than merely seeing tubes and pipes.
With his eyes open I kissed him on the lips a number of times and I swear on everything I hold dear the corner of his mouth rose once......a try at a smile perhaps.......
I am looking forward to kissing him much more tomorrow!!!

Not only this but he is again starting to twitch, to try and move his limbs and I also find this very encouraging. 

Once again I must remind myself, and common sense dictates, that this is a double edged sword. With his waking will come further information on the state of his body, his brain and his ultimate recovery. 
We will now begin to start finding out about any possible paralysis, the extent of damage to his brain, etc. 
I know there is 'probably' going to be some difficult information to receive and I am preparing myself for that but I must grasp each and every positive that comes his way and hold on tight and never let go. 
Lots of positives do not make a negative.

So......a good day for Mr Ellis today.....he might sleep all day tomorrow and frankly I do not care...he's waking up and that's all that matters to me right now.

My man is coming back to me and his family and friends.

I go to bed a very happy man.....a man lucky to be in love with and married to Mr John Ellis.....

In the words of our eldest son Henry, Johnnie Ellis is a Legend and I could not agree more!!!

Sleep tight.

John & Johnnie

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