Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Update Email - 7th May 2012


It is a very pleasant evening here in Bremen. 

The birds are singing, swifts are wheeling and diving overhead, the sun is setting and earlier this evening I said Goodbye to the wonderful, gorgeous Heather. As with the family and Zoo Boys before her I am going to miss having someone here, a shoulder, an ear, a hug. Heather and I shared some really special moments in the past 5 days and I am hugely thankful to her hubby Lawrence and our fabulous God Kidlings, Jemima and Ferdi for loaning me their Wife/Mummy......thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tomorrow I spend the day alone. Not something I am especially looking forward to I must admit. But spend it alone I must. I have already decided that when I am not spending time with John I am going to grab the Nikon and go and 'shoot' the local wildlife, of which there is much, especially ducklings and moorhen chicks....they are everywhere here, it's like a little nature reserve. If I don't do something I will just sit and mope around and go stir crazy(er)!!!!!

What of Mr Ellis I hear you ask?!?! 

Well, after last night's marathon session he has had a very quiet day, a very quiet day I am thankful for. Yesterday, both the positive and the negative has knackered him and he is pooped. He appears to be experiencing pain in his right elbow and knee. My immediate worry was that he was having an arthritic attack, as he does now and again, and because he hasn't been taking his medication he was going to be in great pain, something that really did concern me. Today they took blood and tested for 'arthritic markers' and the tests returned negative....we can safely assume he's not having an attack *phew*. However, he is definitely experiencing pain and they *think* it might be neurological pain in his brain due to the infarctions that is manifesting itself in his elbow and knee. He obviously requires pain management and he is on a drug that, according to the google search I did is 100 times more powerful than morphine!!!!!!!!! He will most definitely sleep tonight methinks......

I called Thunderbirds this afternoon to get an update on the bed situation in the UK. There isn't an update because, due to the Bank Holiday they haven't been able to speak to anyone. I am and remain hopeful that we will hear something tomorrow and we can really start the ball rolling with his repatriation to the UK. As well as getting Hubby home, I am gagging to be in our home with our dogs, I crave familiarity and the English language and I need to see friends and family....I feel the need for a huge sob, cry, scream, shout, tantrum, major eppy which is not something I am prepared to do here so prepare yourselves London!

While we are on the subject of sobbing, the lovely, lovely staff in the Critical Care Unit presented me with a couple of pictures this evening as I entered the Unit to give my man a goodnight kiss. Earlier today, after they had washed John, they sat him on the edge of the bed and they took a couple of pictures. Tonight they printed them off for me as a surprise. I cannot look at them without crying but I cannot stop looking at them. There have been lots and lots and lots of tears and there will continue to be I am sure (you may have guessed that I am a tad emotional). I have shed buckets and buckets of tears of sadness, frustration, anger and of course joy for the positive steps he has made recently. Yes, there have been some shuffles forward and some steps back, this is to be expected and is completely normal (so I am told....I no longer know what the hell is normal anymore!).

Johnnie Ellis has been and will continue to be astonishing, of this I am sure......he just needs to learn a little bit of patience!!!!!!

Sweet dreams all.

Him & Me 

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