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Update Email - 8th May 2012

Wotcha Folks,

Today, Tuesday 8th May 2012 started quietly. 

The weather is a bit 'off', one minute it's very warm and sunny and the next there are grey skies and it's quite cool (although nothing compared to the UK I am reliably informed!). Over a simple breakfast I reminded myself that, as I was to be alone all day, it would be an easy day with visiting the Hubby and walking the local area taking pictures.

John was very quiet this morning, he didn't really do very much apart from drift in and out of sleep - minimal entertainment value it has to be said. During his morning wash and brush up he was sat up in bed, taken off the ventilator and breathed on his own for 10 minutes. After a very one sided conversation between us I trundled off for a couple of hours to see what I could see.

I returned a couple of hours later to a very sweaty Husband. His temperature is fine however they have put him on steroids due to the 'brain pain' I mentioned last night that is manifesting in his leg/arm. Another 'issue' is his pulse. It is fast and erratic and his rhythm is completely off kilter. They have administered more drugs to try and correct if he hasn't had enough drugs already!!!!!! When I visited him this evening his pulse was still not right and he is still sweating however he was communicative during his afternoon wash and brush up, sitting on the edge of the bed again and as I have said before, they are not all running around panicking so I am not hugely worried. Yes, I am of course worried (I worry about EVERYTHING!!) but I'm not seriously worried! I'm also not entirely convinced that he's not having an attack but the experts assure me that there are no indicators to give any positive diagnosis to him actually having an attack. They are the experts and I must respect them but it niggles.....

This afternoon, in between visits to Hubby, I received a call from Thunderbirds. Apparently my first choice of hospital is not in John's post code 'catchment area'. John will be going to Lewisham Intensive Care Unit until he becomes an inpatient for his Neuro Rehabilitation which is also within the same hospital so he wont have to move! When will he be going home?!?!?!?! Probably by the END OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!! They informed me that Lewisham is hopeful that they will have a bed tomorrow or Thursday. If this is the case he will be mobilised and taken by Air Ambulance to London within 48 hours of notification of the available bed. Lewisham Hospital is a 20 minute brisk dog walk from our flat, it's location is perfect and I am very happy.

I am riding the crest of a very happy positive wave at the moment. I have waited for today's phone call for what feels like an eternity and I am beyond relieved that there is now a bright light at the end of this dark, horrible tunnel that we have been stuck in. Finally, the man I love can come home and begin his recovery and therapy properly with all of us around him, willing him is a good day.

You should also know that Mr Ellis was again off his ventilator this evening at around 6pm and managed 30 minutes of breathing by himself, unaided. It did knacker him out and he fell asleep pretty much instantly but it shows just how eager he is for full on therapy to begin, he just wants to get on with it.....and in a couple of days he will be able to!!!!!!

In other news, the hens eggs at home have started hatching today! 

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the pictures I took were crap.....'must try harder'.

Night night from a very proud and happy Husband.

Johnnie & John

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