Sunday, 1 July 2012

Moving On....

It's all change round these 'ere parts.

Not only have I gone from happily married to unhappily widowed what with my Hubby leaving me and us.
But.....the neighbours are leaving me too.

Thankfully, not because of me but moving on they are. 
The wonderful 'kids' Alex and Paul (The Loxton-Ruffs) that lived upstairs have sold up and they moved out today. 
They have started the next chapter of their marriage in SW London, buying a little love nest in which to raise their unborn child.
I will miss them (like the desert misses the rain).
The new neighbours move in close behind them.....I know not what they are like....nice, I hope!

John and the gorgeous Mrs. Loxton-Ruff at their wedding

Our other fabulous neighbours, Mel and Stephen opposite us have also sold up and are moving on, thankfully much closer than Alex and Paul so at least I will hopefully still see them. 
One 'regret' I have is that John and I didn't socialise as much with Mel and Stephen (and their gorgeous children) as much as we wanted to. 
WE never will now...... *sad eyes*
However, that doesn't mean that I can't continue does's just different.
Everything is different.

Considering my last 'chapter', I wasn't sure if I was up for socialising last night.
How wrong can one man be?!
Once Mark and Paul put that first 'bucket' of vodka and lemonade in my hand I knew I was doomed.
Doomed I tell you.
It was a bloody good night (apart from some dive in Deptford they dragged me to - the drag act should have been dragged out!).
Yes, I thought about John a lot during the evening. 
But they were good thoughts, positive thoughts, happy thoughts. 
He would have enjoyed last night and he would want me to enjoy myself. 
He was always happy when he was socialising, drinking, being merry.
Life's for the living, not for the dead (remind me of this sentence next time I have a complete and utter meltdown!).

Last night!

And today, for lunch, I met up with the lovely Terry.
We had a good time I like to think.
I've never eaten a club sandwich in the rain before.....good times!

So, a positive weekend in the end, apart from yesterday's turfing 'wobble'......
If I have one day a month like this then I think I'm on the road to being happy again.
With friends and family like ours, how can I not be eh?!

I love you all.
Very much.

This record is for you:

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