Friday, 6 July 2012

Move In The Right Direction

Last night I went to see Gossip, the marvellous punky, pop-y, rocky, indie band fronted by the amazing, monster-voiced Beth Ditto. 
I went with my gorgeous 'daughter in law', the lovely Emma.
We had fun.
We danced.
We sang along (badly).
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

This song is now my 'life anthem'......
From now on, when I am feeling low, down, sad, upset, depressed, blah, blah, blah, I am going to sing this song....
It lifts me up, makes me shake my booty......
It's positive, uplifting and it's what I need to be, as much as I can.....whenever I can.

Life must, and does, go on.

P.S. I may still have the odd 'wobble' so please bear with me until normal service resumes!

P.P.S. Buy the album, it's bloody fantastic!!!!!!!!!!


  1. well done! Little steps forward, though there's bound to be some backwards ones too. xxx

  2. Great song! Glad you had a good night :)