Sunday, 8 July 2012

Pillow Talk

*POP* goes the positive bubble!!!

Today, as with most weeks, I washed and changed the bedding.

Unlike previous weeks, while I made the bed I took the decision to remove 2 pillows from the bed and just have two. 
I do not need or require 4.
Yup, you guessed it, I took away John's pillows.

It's a big old bed for one person and certainly doesn't need 4 pillows. 
Not when there's only one sad, lonely, single person sleeping in it!

I know I could easily put his pillows back but what would be the point of that, I'd still want to remove them?!

I now find myself missing him tons, I mean REALLY missing him.
All I can think of is cuddling in bed.
Feeling his body next to mine in bed.
His warmth in bed.
His (bloody annoying and very loud) snoring in bed.
The bedroom 'gymnastics' !

My eyes are full of tears.
This is one of those 'swim harder' moments and I am determined to do so.
They're just pillows.
JUST pillows!

Missing John hurts, it really hurts......

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