Saturday, 27 April 2013

Update Email - 27th April 2012

Good evening Ellis Army, 7 days flies when you're stressed, anxious, scared and fearing the loss of your Husband!!! 

Today was my first day alone since this started and for the most part it has not been as lonely or difficult as I thought it might be. Yes, I am missing the Zoo Boys, Adrian and Mark and still wish they were with me here but I have John's sister arriving tonight so I am not alone for long.

Johnnie has had a good day today. The tracheotomy went ahead and was successful and he now has absolutely NO pipes or tubes in his mouth or throat. I am so relieved that it has been done. He was really struggling with the ventilator but now they can bring him out of the coma and we can begin to assess the level of brain damage that has THAT'S scary!!!! The Doctor used the words "now we can see how he copes with the stroke".....let's hope he copes well....

The BEST part of the day was being able to give the man I love, the love of my life, a kiss on the has been too long since I could do that and I don't mind telling you that it felt good.....REALLY GOOD! Admittedly I am riding on a little wave of joy and happiness just because he looks better without the ventilator and I got to kiss him but I hope he felt it, I like to think that he did.

As with yesterday, he hasn't really moved today but they tell me that this is normal behaviour and not to expect too much too soon - he probably thinks he should be running before he can walk seeing as he has his trainers on....OMG, I kissed a man wearing his trainers in bed....!

The small thrombosis is still being compressed and I imagine it might well be there for a while.

I'd like to thank you all for your messages of love, support and admiration for my Hubby....(and me). They have all been saved and will be cherished forever. Many of you have offered visiting duties, care of dogs/chickens, loans, etc, etc.....from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK're the best and we both truly appreciate your kindness, generosity and love. We would do exactly the same for you.

I am signing off now and as its Friday night I am having a beer in preparation of my sister in law's arrival.

Night night from us both,

John xxxxxxxxxx

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