Monday, 22 April 2013

The First Update Email - 22nd April 2012

Dear All,

Please forgive the blanket email but its quicker and easier if I "do you all in one go" as it were.

I hope all is well in the UK and the weather has improved, it's raining here now!

I've been to see my wonderful Husband this morning and I have had a discussion with the surgeon that operated on him. They will not start to bring him out of the drug induced coma today, he's stable but still extremely critical and he needs longer to do some more healing and for them to assess the possible issues that he may face when he does start waking. Currently he is on a dialysis machine which started yesterday as his kidneys are not functioning fully on their own. His blood oxygen was a worry but it 'seems' to be righting itself. The legs are improving and he now has perfusion in his legs which is a HUGE relief. They are extremely worried about his neuro state as they are worried about possible brain/spinal function damage which may have occurred during the second operation. Only once he starts waking will they/we know if this is the case and something else to worry if there's not enough already!

There are so many speculative if's, buts or maybe's right now however it's hour by hour, day by day and I have to keep telling myself that!!!!!!

John's sister and our Sons are here which is a comfort, we're all talking to him and I hope he can hear us all. I am also being very well looked after by two of John's colleagues and friends, Mr Habben and Mr Walls - they have been legendary in making sure I am ok and that I have nothing to worry about, they are two wonderful people and Mr Ellis would be incredibly proud of them both.

I am in contact with the International SOS people for John's foreign insurance cover and that all seems to be going ok, I have signed the next of kin for them to start talking directly with the surgeons here. I have mentioned the possibility of getting him to the Lister where i work so at least they have that to consider - it would be ideal but i will wait and see what they say.

They have said he is going to be here some time so long term I have no idea what to do which scares me, I am concerned about John and I want to be here with him, but there's my job, bills, money, our home, our animals, etc, etc, however as I said above its an hour by hour, day by day job right now and that is all I can do. But I am worrying about everything, I can't help it.

I will keep you updated as regularly as possible.

Lots and lots of love from me and my fantastic assured he is getting tons and tons of love and I am passing on everyone's wishes, love and support, he would be truly humbled by the response. I am grateful for you all, your love and support keeps me's hard, I haven't stopped crying, I cant remember when I last slept but here for him I am and will be....the Love of my Life comes first!

Feel free to email me as and when and if there's an update I will let you know accordingly. I am happy for you to update to anyone who you feel NEEDS to know about John, all I ask is that it doesn't go on Facebook, I just don't think it would be appropriate and neither John or myself would be in the least bit pleased. When he's up and running, you can tease him to your heart's content, but let's get him there first....... :-)

John xxx

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