Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Update Email - 24th April 2012

Hello One and All,

I tell you, the address list is becoming like War & Peace however I feel like we are gathering an Army behind my Hubby and we are bringing our collective forces together in preparation for the battle ahead.....a battle He will surely win (he has no choice in the matter actually!!!).

Today has been another eventful day, he's not one for a quiet recovery is my Man.

Today, 24th April 2012, Mr John Ellis properly started to wake up. However, to put it in perspective, this process could be hours it could be days, it's all up to Him. Johnnie needs to show and tell now as it were and the doctors are constantly monitoring his progress.

We've had movement in his legs which are still causing some worry as his feet are blue ish and not moving much, movement in his arms (I swear he tried to elbow the nurse who put a pipe in his throat), hands, eyes (still beautiful and blue and make me melt) and there was a yawn (perhaps my boring conversation did that, I am as yet unsure!!!!). It was MINOR movement, he wasn't flailing around like a caught trout, it was little twitches and such, but for him it was MAJOR and for me it was AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC! I have to say that I was particularly over-excited and I am now dealing with an adrenalin 'comedown' and feel the need for a lie down. In fact I got chucked out as they need to tend to Johnnie and the other patients for a couple of hours, washing, etc so it works well that I can come back to the room and speak to you all...

The one thing that I keep hearing from the surgeons, the nurses, anaesthetists, etc is how astonished they are by Johnnie's recovery. There are many, many things that are worrying and the future is just full of speculation both good and bad, however for someone that has gone through not one but TWO major heart/lung bypasses (in the same 24 hours no less!!!!) he really shouldn't be as positive as he is. Every time they tell me how amazed they are I just feel so incredibly proud of him but then do you really think that he would have it any other way???? I don't think so.

A funny story - he was "waking up" earlier and his blood pressure was going through the roof (the one thing that put him in this situation) so they gave him intravenous drugs to battle the rising blood no effect. So they gave no effect (at this point I was almost hysterical!). So they put a pill under his tongue....only then did it start coming down. The nurse looked at me and told me that she thought he was immune to the drugs and started laughing......more like he was enjoying the hard core drugs and having a rave!

It is 4:20pm here and I am counting the minutes until I can see him again (I have been "banned" until 6) so I am going to enjoy some sunshine and watch the ducks on the pond for a bit.

I will leave you with the following link - its my song for my Man (the lyrics are just perfect for right now) and I am listening to it on keeps me going and makes me think wonderful things about my wonderful Man, because that's what he is, bloody WONDERFUL!!!!!

Enjoy the song.

Love and hugs from us both,

Me & Johnnie xxxxx

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