Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hacked Off!

And so the fuckery continues!

I mentioned previously how I am longing, hoping and wishing for some sort of communication from John, something to indicate to me that he is not dead.

This morning I received an email.

From my Husband....!

My stomach did somersaults, back flips, churning wildly just staring at his name in my Inbox.......I was (almost) elated. 
He is alive!

It would seem that many others have also had the same email. 
John's email account has been hacked. 
A week to the day after his funeral. 
A Thursday.

Not only did they hack his email account but they also put up a post on - his blog about our chickens. I mean, seriously, WHY?! What the fuck can be gained from hacking and posting shite all over the place, invading people's privacy like this?! I know these imbeciles don't know John is dead but bloody hell!!! Wankers!

Unfortunately, this has mentally crushed me....
I awoke feeling 'ok'.
I'm not ok now, I'm pissed off, unhappy, depressed, seriously frigging angry.
Watch out glasses, vases and windows, today could be your lucky day!

I have an overwhelming urge to destroy something!

And I have not heard from Dr. Gemsa.


  1. I just deleted the email, but it even made my heart jump a little - bloody idiots. Karma will get them back.xx

  2. If Karma doesn't and I find them, then I'll bloody do it, bastards.