Friday, 1 February 2013

Every Little Helps

The new washing machine arrived yesterday so I decided that today would be 'washing day'. I ran down to Tesco in Penzance to load up with the necessary detergents, softeners, etc and made my jolly way to the check out....and yes, I was jolly.

I was waiting at the check-out for the lady in front of me to pay when I spied to my right a large selection of Valentine's cards.

One card in particular caught my eye.

A Husband Is....

A smile in the morning,
a kiss at the door,
a big cosy jumper,
his socks (and pants!) on the floor,
a hug when you need it,
a table for two,
his hands strong and gentle,
his eyes just for you,
a favourite love song,
a life built together,
a soulmate, 
the one,
your best friend forever.

I stood there, staring at the card, and I cried.

The poor old girl at the check-out didn't know which way to turn.
I said Hello, I packed my bag, I paid my bill and I left.

I sat in the car in Tesco car park and I cried.

Deep in the tangled mess that is John McKenna lies my broken heart....

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