Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Roses are Red.....

.....and my Husband is dead.

So.....what is it with Tesco?
Why is it that when I step foot in there I have an emotional outburst?
This morning was no exception....yet more tears in the aisles!!!
Last time, it was Valentine's Cards, today is was red roses destined for Valentine's sweethearts.
I walked into the supermarket and they were everywhere, it was a sea of scarlet, as far as the eye could see. 
There were cards, flowers, gifts, chocolates, rosé wine, blah, blah, blah!

John and I never did Valentine's Day, simply because it's a huge waste of money! 
Traditionally it's not for couples anyway, it's for those who are single and want the object of their desire to be theirs, for proposals of marriage, hence 'Be My Valentine'.
All this material crap is just the supermarkets making a very fucking big buck out of the general public.
And, for me, I will not be told when I can tell and show the person I love, that I love them. 
I'll do it on my terms, when I want and how I want....and with John it was every single day. 
Each and every day throughout our relationship, even if he was on a different continent, in a different time zone, I would make sure that I told him that I loved him, that I was in love with him, that I AM in love with him.

Fuck this material peer pressure shite!
Don't wait for Valentine's Day to tell your 'Special Someone' that you love it each and every day or whenever you feel the need, not on a date set by people who just want to fleece you of your hard earned cash!!!
When you wake up in the middle of the night whisper in their ear 'I Love You'.
Call them during the day from the office just to say 'I Love You'.
If you argue, right in the middle of the argument just stop, look them in the eye and say 'I Love You' (it works every time!).
Leave little messages around the house, in their sock drawer, on the fridge door, stuck to a bottle of wine, just a simple 'I Love You'.
A bunch of daffs on a spring day will get my attention a whole lot more than a bunch of red, drooping, sorry looking, expensive roses (which incidentally have been flown from deepest Africa for you to buy your love).

Just make sure that you tell them, that they know how much you are in love with them, because believe me when I say YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU MIGHT NEVER, EVER, EVER BE ABLE TO TELL THEM AGAIN!!!

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  1. My thoughts are exactly the same!

    And that photo of you two is the cutest EVER!! :)

    Hugs x