Wednesday, 20 February 2013


This morning.....

My first job interview in almost 10 years.
My first job interview in Cornwall.
My first job interview in almost 10 years, without John.

John was the person I always turned to, to ask questions, to get reassurance, to hug when it all got a bit much.
For a while now I have been really wanting to talk to John. 
To ask questions.
To get answers.
To get reassurance. 
I cannot tell you how much I really, REALLY want to talk to him.
I spent half the car journey on the way to my interview this morning either talking out loud to John or crying.
I can 'hear' the words he would say, I just want to HEAR them!
I had friends here for the weekend and we talked about John, I cried and I laughed and we remembered.
But it's not enough for me.
Not enough at all.
I want him.
I want to hear him.
I want to feel him.
I want a big, warm, furry, Johnnie-bear-hug!

Anyway, only time will tell if I am to be the next PA to the CEO of Heartlands (
I think the interview went ok......not my best, but then it is the first one in ten years!
Fingers crossed as they say......

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