Thursday, 13 December 2012

Here We Go Again.....

Following the recent change in circumstances with the old new house, my ex-future landlady kindly placed an advert in The Cornishman newspaper (reporting local life since 1878 no less!) on my behalf, for a house in Marazion.
In honesty, I had forgotten about it in all the kerfuffle and so, was more than a tad surprised when, this afternoon while enjoying a cuppa following a jolly good shopping trip (buying the dogs festive outfits), my mobile  phone rang.

The gentleman at the other end of the line advised me that he has a 2 bedroom cottage in the heart of Marazion (I have google-mapped it and the location is indeed brrrrrrilliant!), he doesn't mind dogs (he has one) and would I like to go and see it?
Would I?

So.....on Sunday morning via Grandma's in Somerset, Max and Millie and Me will be driving down to Marazion to see the Fairy God Children where we will stay the night.
On Monday morning at 11am, we view the cottage.

The only 'thing' with this property is that it is offered fully furnished and so IF I like it I would probably have to perform some sort of 'House Sale'......we will see once Monday morning is out of the way.

AND.....I am not, not, NOT going to get all excited and mentally 'move in' before I've even get there. 
I did that with the previous place and look where it got me.
I am seriously going to try and not even think about it until I wake up on Monday morning in Marazion.
I do not want to feel like I did with the other house.

Incidentally, while I was on the phone to the Fairy God Children's parents securing a room for the night, my mobile rang again and I was offered the possibility of another property in Crowlas, just outside Marazion, but not where I want to be so I politely declined.

Please, please, please send lots and lots of positive vibes out into the ether.
Cross all your fingers, toes, arms, legs, ears, the lot......

I thank you

This little ditty is dedicated to Marazion (all 15 festive minutes of it!!!!!!)......... 


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  1. Good Luck!! Positive thoughts being sent your way!