Friday, 7 December 2012

All Stop.....

Could this year get any worse?

Could it?

Well yes, it could actually.

And it has.

This morning I received a call from my future Landlady in Cornwall telling me that, due to forces beyond anyone's control, their move is off.

Which ultimately means that my move is also off.
I will not be moving into that gorgeous little cottage.

I really feel for my ex-future landlady. 
Not only has the poor woman had awful news but she also had to call me and explain that the move is off and most of the time I just cried while she was talking.

This is not the end of the Cornwall dream....not  at all.
It just means that the beautiful little house I was going to live in isn't to be and I must find another.
I've been on the phone to estate agents in Cornwall trying to find a replacement house.
I also have the assistance of my God Children's wonderful parents and my ex-future Landlady is also helping.
It's slim pickings but hopefully something will turn up.

I still want to be in Marazion in January *fingers and legs and arms and ears and EVERYTHING crossed*

Yes, there have been A LOT of tears and there will no doubt be more - I cannot tell you how much I long for a day without crying.

Today, as they say, is a fucking shit day!

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