Monday, 30 September 2013

The Lord of my Ring

In early 2011, John and I went to Mexico.
As with all our travels, it was an incredible, amazing adventure, not a holiday, a proper Adventure!
While we were there we took a trip to the Sian Ka'an Nature Reserve, a beautiful untouched piece of Mexican natural beauty.
On the schedule of things to do was snorkelling....something I was rather nervous about, what with my fear of deep water. 
However, after having watched wild Bottlenose Dolphins around our boat accompanied by Green Turtles, I decided that I should at least give it a go.
So I did.

Within a few short minutes I realised that, quite literally, I was way out of my depth.
I panicked.
My hands flailed all over the place and, as I was flailing, my wedding ring was pulled from my finger and I watched as it fall to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
I. Was. Gutted.
I got out of the water, sat on the boat and I cried.
What did my wonderful Hubby say?
"There are worse ways and locations to lose a wedding ring!"
He saw the positive in everything, something I really miss.

Why am I telling you this and where is it going?


I've been thinking a lot about my wedding ring recently and I've been wondering about 'getting it back'.
I've been considering contacting Stephen Einhorn in London who made my ring and asking them to recreate it for me....they must have the original order somewhere from John?!
No, it wouldn't be THE ring but it would be a faithful facsimile of 'my precious'.

The big question is......should I? 

What purpose would it serve?
Why do I need it again now?
Am I clutching at proverbial straws? 
Something to keep John close to me?
Is it healthy to do it?

I really don't know whether to or not. 
I haven't had it in my possession since March 2011 so it's not as if I have lost it since John died.
But I reeeeeeeeeeally want it now.
It is fast becoming an obsession.

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