Friday, 6 September 2013

We Are The Stars Made Conscious

As those that follow this blog will know, I'm not one for religion, Heaven, God, blah, blah, blah.
I, like John, am a man of Science.
Science provides proof, whereas religion in all its manifestations, asks us to believe in something purely from a Faith perspective. 
To believe in something, in a deity you cannot prove to me is real, is in my mind, wrong.
I don't and never will deny those that wish to seek or follow a religious path, each to their own, it's just not for me, it's not something I can honestly 'hand on heart' believe in.

A very good friend (I consider her more family than friend!) sent me this eulogy. 
It has helped her with John's death, being of a scientific mind too.
I read it and what stands out for me is "not a bit of you is gone, you're just less orderly"......this sentence is 'so' John.....he was a right messy bugger, always disorganised, disorderly, leaving his trail of detritus around the home.....(I secretly loved clearing up after him but would 'complain' just to wind him up).
And no, he's not gone, his gorgeous sexy body may have disappeared but his energy is here, bouncing around the cosmos, mixing with the energy of the planet he worked so hard to conserve and protect.
And that's how I feel about this new house, it's like his energy is here, has been here, has left it's mark. 
I don't feel John's presence, I've never been 'visited' by John-like apparitions in the deepest, darkest hours of the night (I wish!), but I like to think his energy, his life-force, is swirling around me like a "Johnnie-aura" of love (that sounds as corny as shit, but I'm not apologetic!).

We Are Stars by The Pierces - one of 'our' records......

John and I actually used to 'smooch' to this in the flat in London......what I'd give to hold him close and dance to a romantic record.

"I see nothing worse, than to sail this universe, without you"

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