Saturday, 7 September 2013

Keep Calm and Carrion

Today is Saturday.
Just another day of the week.
Not a particularly nice day outside, it's raining and the temperature has dropped.

Since posting a picture and some text on Facebook I have felt 'sad'.
All I can think about is John, his work, his passion for conservation, our trips to exotic countries (including Nepal and the magnificent Himalayas to try and see wild Vultures).
I am, of course and without doubt, extremely proud of my Hubby and the work that he accomplished (I always will be!), the foundations that he laid and the wisdom he passed on to those in India and Nepal and around the world.

John teaching at the Vulture Breeding Centre in Nepal

But today, I find myself really missing him.
I miss him every day, but today is a subject close to both of us, it was part of our relationship.
I have cried.
And I will no doubt cry more.

Today's motto!!!!

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