Thursday, 5 September 2013

Loved Me Back To Life

It's true to say that I'm by no means out of the woods yet.
I think the journey Grief has set for me will be a long one.
I still cry most days for one reason or another.
I will always love and miss John, as will all his family and friends.
You don't "get over" a man like John Ellis, and why would you want to?!?!

However, to my friends and family, those that have watched me break down, listened to me cry and question, helped me out emotionally, mentally, financially and any other 'ly', looked after me, hugged me, been there for me, made sure I was ok, supplied me with cake and copious amounts of alcohol......this is dedicated to you......

Thank you........I Love You All x

I was walking dead, stuck inside my head
I couldn't get out, turn the lights down
The voices inside were so loud

Need a jump-start, catatonia, I couldn't feel
I wished that I could disappear
The voices inside were so real

But you stood by my side
Night after night, night after night

You loved me back to life
From the coma, the wait is over
You loved me back to life

I'll leave the rest to Celine (who I'm not a great fan of, but this new track of hers is very appropriate!).

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