Saturday, 18 January 2014

One Year in Cornwall

One year.
365 days.
52 weeks.
12 months.
As of today, this is how long Max, Millie and Me have lived in Cornwall.

I had started typing a long chapter about how things went from pitch dark to light, from unhappy to nearly happy, from negative to positive....blah, blah, blah.
But I won't.
That would feel negative to me and I am still very determined to be as positive as I can.

Instead I'm just going to stay THANK my dear, brilliantly wonderful, supportive friends Heather and Lawrence -  parents of my amazing God Children.
They found me my first home here.
They helped me move in.
They looked after me.
They supported me.
They listened to me as I cried and tried to make sense of my very different life.

I love this lot!!!
Without them, I wouldn't actually be here.
I wouldn't be in Cornwall.
I wouldn't be well on the road to recovery.
In fact, I'm not sure I would actually be here at all, when you consider some of the darker times I've had in the past!

Today is also Heather's it's Happy Birthday my beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous friend. This big gay boy loves you and your family more than you will ever know!

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