Sunday, 16 June 2013

Kay & Jim

When John fell ill back in April 2012, two people, two very special friends, literally gave up their lives to help us.
Within minutes of calling Kay on the Thursday evening she was in our home asking what she could do, who should she call, what can she arrange, etc, etc.
The following morning, as I left everything behind and flew to Germany to be with my man, Kay and Jim moved into our home -  for almost a month!
They looked after our dogs and chickens.
They made sure that I worried about absolutely nothing in the UK.
They ensured that I focused on my Hubby.
They are Kay and Jim.
They are an INCREDIBLE couple.

They have just left after a long weekend here with me and the dogs in warm, wet and windy Cornwall.
It was really wonderful to see them.
We haven't seen each other since I waved them goodbye in London back in January.
While they were here we talked, we laughed and, admittedly we (mostly me!) cried.
We remembered John, we talked about him, we laughed at situations, at memories, at where life has brought us all.
It was bloody lovely to talk about John, to chat about my Hubby. 
To include him in the conversation.
It brings him back to life.
It was especially lovely to do so with two people that not only knew him well but who loved him just as much as he loved them.

Kay and Jim deserve their own blog 'chapter'.
Some people know what they did for us, but I want the world to know how fucking amazing they both are, what they did for John and me, how they helped me through the (rare) highs and the most dark and dreadful of lows.
They have always been there for me and the dogs.
I can never, ever show them just how much I am thankful or how much I love and adore them so this is, pathetically, my way of saying THANK YOU....from me and the dogs (who would desert me and go and live with Aunty Kay and Uncle Jim in a heart beat!!!!!!).

The fabulous Mr & Mrs Forton-Holey!

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